What is a Solutionary?

an individual who recognizes inhumanity, injustice, unsustainability, or exploitative behaviors and then generates ideas or acts upon developing practical and effective solutions.

Solutionary Society

Meet like-minded individuals interested in creating a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable world!

Solutionary Events

Find out about solutionary events (currently limited to Florida, USA)

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Solutionary Resources

Need help researching solutionary topics? Spend less time searching and more time learning with our research directory.


Solutionary Species Defined

Solutionary Species

a species that chooses to be a part of the world’s solutions rather than its problems.

The Solutionary Species Movement

a movement driven toward teaching people about solutions for social justice, animal protection, and environmental sustainability.

Solutionary Species Organization

a dedicated team of humane educators who provide support and guidance to people interested in learning about becoming solutionaries.

Humane Education

a form of non-conventional education geared toward teaching people valuable critical thinking skills to effectively and holistically solve problems (especially relating to social justice, animal protection, and environmental sustainability).


Mission Statement:

To help people discover the solutionaries in themselves and in the process, create a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable world.

Timeline of Solutionary Species Activities

1. Solutionary Species started as humane education outreach programs, birthday parties, and workshops appropriate for all ages

2. SS was awarded a grant in 2016 for Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp

3. Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp was featured in The Huffington Post in 2016

4. The team expanded, along with new goals for coordinating solutionary events, including festivals, educational events, peace walks, and races

5. Coordinating events became such a large project that Solutionary Events became its own independent non-profit

6. But all of what Solutionary Species was doing was not enough...

7. Solutionary Species initiated compassionate marketing campaigns, organized solutionary social groups, created a directory of resources for solutionary knowledge, and are in the process of raising community awareness of solutionary businesses (and more)

8...And it will never be enough until all humans become a solutionary species.

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